Vision Boards 101: Understanding, Creating, & Using A Vision Board

Today we are going to learn about a vision board and the power that it has.

So, Crystal, I know I have a vision board. But a lot of people at home may not know the actual power of it. Can you share that with us today?

First, let’s segway. So, if you have not watched the video on Affirmations, go ahead and go back. Watch that video first before you watch this one. Because both of these videos are connected and to fully understand this video, you first have to watch the one on Affirmations.

So, now that you have watched the video on Affirmations, let’s talk about the vision board and what it is.

What is a Vision Board?

So, the vision board is essentially images of your affirmation statements.

Now, a couple of our clients do it a couple of different ways. One is they search online for images and they put it into the Pinterest or a Google doc. Another way a client likes to do it is they like to get a big piece of cardboard and a whole bunch of magazines. And then cut and paste those images on the cardboard.

What to Put on Your Vision Board

Now, the key is when you are choosing an image, it has to elicit a positive, emotional state of being for you. That’s the key.

So, once you got all the components that you want to stick on to your vision board, is there any particular order that you should put them in?

Not necessarily a particular order. It is whatever feels good for you. And whatever that flow of the vision board, that elicits at positive state for you.

So, when I’m looking at my vision board, I should be visualizing myself having all these things?

That is the point. But let me go a little bit deeper because there is a proven method of execution that literally all the most successful people in the world do.

So, when you’re executing your vision board, you actually do your vision board right after your affirmations and that is explained in the other video.

Using Your Vision Board

So, after you do your affirmations, you are going to take about two to three minutes, no distractions around you, and you’re going to look at your vision board, image by image. You are going to do three things. You are going to look at your vision board, you are going to visualize yourself without that image (as if it’s already real), and you are going to feel a positive emotional state literally in your body. And that’s because all of human behavior is driven by emotion. Whether that’s positive or negative. And you always get it back, whatever you put out, about three times or more.

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