Affirmations: A Great Way to Stop Self-Sabotage in Your Business & Life

Today we are going to learn how to stop self-sabotage with affirmations – great for your business and your personal life.

So, Crystal, what can we do that will help us to alleviate this vicious circle of self-sabotage.

Yes, I hear that all the time. But the great news is, we have a solution today

Great. And the solution is?

So, today we are going to tackle self-sabotage. And we’re actually going to talk about a proven solution or strategy to overcome that. So, has anyone ever heard of affirmations or I am statements?

So, you mean like, I am beautiful. I am always doing a great job. I am making tons of money. Things like that?

Yes. But we’re going to get a little more structured and very specific about how to create them today. And how to use them in your daily life. Sound good?

Sounds great.

What are Affirmations?

So, affirmations or I am statements, are declarations of not where you are but where you want to be.

So, essentially, affirmations are your dreams. Both business and personal because we want to connect those two and get the most out of business and your personal life.

How to Create Affirmations

So, when creating them, let’s start there, there is a specific formula to creating them.

One is each statement has to begin with, I am. As if it has already happened. Because our minds do not know the difference between fact and fiction. It will create and manifest whatever you focus on, whether that is positive or negative.

Number two, try to make your affirmations as specific as possible. So, for example, a general affirmation would be, I am successful. Well, what does that actually mean for you? So, try to figure out what that actually means and get as specific as you can because it will be more powerful.

Do you guys know the comedian, Lily Tomlin?

Oh, my God. She was my favorite. I love Lily Tomlin. Yes, I know who she is.

Well, she had a really great saying, a quote related to this. And she said, “You know, when I was little, I always wanted to grow up to be somebody. Now, I wish I was more specific.”

The third thing when creating your affirmation is try to really dream big since these are your dreams. And the general rule of thumb is if your dreams are not pissing some people off, they are not big enough and you need to go back to the drawing board.

So, when you say positive affirmations. So, you mean, like, I am not at the bar every night?

Yes and no. Let me explain that.


So, that was a negative affirmation because you used the word not. So, when you focus on what you don’t want, guess what you get?

What you don’t want.

You are going to be at the bar every night. So, how would you refrain that into a positive affirmation?

I am always at the gym after work.

There you go. Focusing on what you do want.

I don’t know how positive that is. But I guess it will have a positive outcome.

Yes, it will. Positive mindset, positive outcome, that’s how it works.

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