8 Characteristics of Mindful Leadership

As part of a two part series on mindful management, Crystal & Sunshine discuss common characteristics of mindful leaders.

Video Summary

This video discusses eight mindful characteristics that are important for effective management and leadership.

  1. Avoid making assumptions: Managers should refrain from making assumptions about their team members’ needs and concerns. Instead, they should ask the right questions and gather information to fully understand their employees’ perspectives.
  2. Be present and attentive: Being fully present during interactions with team members, making eye contact, and actively listening can help employees feel heard, valued, and cared for.
  3. You don’t have to know everything: Managers don’t need to possess all the knowledge and expertise. It’s important to recognize that it’s okay not to know everything and to rely on the expertise of team members when necessary.
  4. Practice patience: Patience is essential in leadership to prevent chaos and maintain a positive work environment. Leaders should avoid reacting impulsively and strive to remain composed during challenging situations.
  5. Effective conflict resolution: Managers should be skilled in conflict resolution, which involves gathering information, mediating between conflicting parties, and making informed decisions based on facts rather than emotions.
  6. Mutual respect: Respect should be a two-way street in the workplace, where all team members, regardless of their positions, are treated with equal respect. This fosters a positive and inclusive work environment.
  7. Equalizing time: Managers should communicate to their employees that everyone’s time is equally valuable, promoting a sense of equality and importance among team members.
  8. Maintain boundaries: While it’s important to be friendly with your team, managers should establish clear boundaries to prevent conflicts of interest and maintain professionalism in the workplace.

Overall, these mindful characteristics are crucial for effective management and leadership, contributing to better employee morale, retention, and a positive work culture.

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Crystal Shanks

Crystal Shanks, Certified Business Coach and CEO of Run Right Business Consulting, has been coaching business owners and executives around the world to achieve optimum results since 2009. Coach Crystal teaches her clients proven strategies to build thriving businesses and careers. She has worked with thousands of businesses and executives to generate substantial revenues and maximize profits.