Formula for Change: How to Change & Move Forward

In this video, Crystal and Sunshine discuss the formula for change – and how to effectively use it to change and move forward.

Video Summary

Formula for Change

  • Formula: D x V + F > R.

Formula Components

  • D: Dissatisfaction
  • V: Vision
  • F: First Steps
  • R: Resistance

Understanding the Components

  • Dissatisfaction: Identifying pain points.
  • Vision: Creating a clear path to escape the pain.
  • First Steps: Initial actions to implement the vision.
  • Resistance: The force that needs to be overcome for change.

Applying the Formula

  • Importance of addressing dissatisfaction first.
  • Vision and first steps must be stronger than resistance.
  • Psychological challenges in change due to comfort and routine.

Examples and Implications

  • Real-life examples of change in personal and professional settings.
  • Emphasis on the necessity of change for growth.
  • Understanding that vision alone is not enough without addressing dissatisfaction.

Overcoming Resistance

  • Importance of identifying and addressing pain points.
  • Using the formula to make tangible changes.
  • Ensuring dissatisfaction, vision, and first steps together outweigh resistance.

Practical Applications

  • Encouraging regular review of the formula.
  • Applying the formula before planning sessions or when facing immediate challenges.

Conclusion and Takeaways

  • Importance of sitting in pain to identify dissatisfaction.
  • Recommendations on the frequency of applying the formula.
  • Final exercise to lock in learnings through a physical and verbal action (whoosh).

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