Top Down Marketing: Why It’s Better For Your Business

Hey, so are you marketing from the bottom up? Or the top down? Learn why it’s better for your business to go after the big fish (top down marketing).

Marketing from the top down? Or the bottom up?

Excuse me, what does that mean?

Yes, let me explain. So, what I see a lot with clients is when they are marketing, they tend to market from the bottom up instead of the top down.

Meaning, they are going after little fish, onesies, two-ies. Instead, you need to flip the script and market from the top down.

What is Top Down Marketing?

Top down marketing means to go after and target the big fish. The ones that have the higher average dollar sale and more transactions per client over periods of time.

So, go after the big fish. They tend to be easier to close because they have more money, more resources, and a budget. So, they are actually easier to close than little fish.

So, I’m not saying throw away the little fish, back into the pond. I’m saying, you will still take those on as clients but all of your time, energy, and money should be targeted at big fish.

It would seem that closing bigger clients rather than smaller clients would be a lot easier than the onesie, two-ies.

You got it.

What’s your number one take away from today’s video? Leave us a comment and thanks for watching.

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