Are You The Captain Of Your Own Ship (Your Business)?

Growing your business can be tough with unwanted external factors. Learn how to get back on track and also keep your mojo with networking.

Sunshine: Ahoy. Are you the captain of your own ship?

Crystal: Welcome to The Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

Sunshine: And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.

So, are we talking about pirates today? I mean, ahoy, like the captain of your own ship? What do you mean?

Crystal: Yes. So, we’re not talking about pirates today. But we’re trying to reframe this in terms of business.

Sunshine: Sounds good.

Crystal: So, when we’re talking about you being the captain of your own ship, what we’re really talking about is the ship is your business and you’re the captain and get to steer and grow your business any way you want it. Now, there’s always some external factors that will want to steer your ship in a different direction than you want. And we don’t have control, direct control of those external factors, but you do have control of how you respond to those factors.

So, for example, if the waves or the wind was steering your ship, your business, in a direction that you didn’t want to go, you could put your motor on or if the motor wasn’t working, get your oar out and steer your ship to the destination that you want it to land.

Sunshine: Okay, so you’re talking about wind and things taking your boat to another place that you don’t really want to go. Can you talk about a little bit of these external factors? But with like real business terms instead of breakout your oar or turn on your motor?

Crystal: Sure.

Sunshine: Thanks.

Crystal: I wanted to get the concept clear, so now we can get into details. So, some examples of external factors could be the economy. It could be the government and government regulations. It could be taxes owed. It can even be your mother-in-law. So, these are all things that can take you off course and lead you down a path that you don’t want to go with your business. So, when these things happen, you had to reframe it and respond to it in a way that gets you back on your business growth and path.

Sunshine: Thanks for that. I really appreciate that.

Okay, so networking. Usually like networking is done in person. And we’re not really doing a lot of stuff in person right now, like nobody is around the world. So, tell us about how do you keep that mojo up with our networks? With our one to ones, you know, those little meetings.

Crystal: Sure. Happy to. So, a lot of our clients do a lot of in-person networking. Whether it’s in groups or one to ones. Well, they can’t do that in-person networking right now because of a certain virus that we all know the name of. Now, does that mean they are just scrapping all of their networking? No. Instead, they’re going to change how they network. So, now all of our clients are networking through video chat, whether that be Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, so they can still attend group meetings or do their one to one networking. They can always have their foot on that marketing pedal.

Sunshine: Well, it looks like I’m going to need to set up some one to ones via Zoom.

Crystal: Yes, yes. You are.

Sunshine: Well, what’s your number one takeaway from today’s video? Please leave us a comment and thanks so much for watching.

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