Expense vs. Investment: Brushing Up Your Sales/Marketing Language

Learn how to convert more prospects with one easy tip on your sales conversation/marketing language (like “investment” vs. “expense”).

So, Crystal, how can we convert prospects faster and service base businesses?

Great question. Let’s talk about it. When we are looking at service base businesses, one quick easy way to convert quicker and easier is to change our language.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “What does that mean?” What that means is instead of using words like expense, cost, pricing, rate, fee… We should replace all those words with one very powerful word, which is investments. Do you know why?

That’s a tricky one, Crystal. I’m not really sure why we would use the word investment over something else. What would the other word be? If it’s not investment? I guess, cost, right?

No. Not cost. Psychologically speaking, when people hear the word cost, fee, rate, pricing, in their minds it becomes an expense to them. So, that means they are parting money and it makes it hard for them to part the money because of that.

Now, when you use the word investment, they think they are going to get an ROI, a return on investment from investing their money into your service. So, always use the word investment and get rid of those other words that are associated with expense.

Awesome. That’s a super easy strategy.

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