How To Vet & Hire a Business Coach: Considerations & Questions To Ask

Thinking about hiring a business coach? Here are a couple considerations and questions to ask to make sure it’s a great investment for you!

Video Transcription

Coach Crystal here.

A lot of times people will come to me and say, what should I be looking for when vetting a business coach that I’d like to hire?

Well, it’s a couple of things.

One, you definitely want to ask about what their proven system or methodology is because you want to make sure they have a system and a process.

Two is check out their online testimonials or online reviews to see what prior clients have said about the work with them. That is really important and can build a lot of trust and rapport.

Third is it is definitely a relationship that you have with your business coach, so you need to like each other and have a connection.

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Crystal Shanks

Crystal Shanks, Certified Business Coach and CEO of Run Right Business Consulting, has been coaching business owners and executives around the world to achieve optimum results since 2009. Coach Crystal teaches her clients proven strategies to build thriving businesses and careers. She has worked with thousands of businesses and executives to generate substantial revenues and maximize profits.