4 Key Success Principles for Business

Setting the foundation of a business can be difficult with all of the moving parts. Stick with these 4 key principles to help eliminate some of the guess work and head trash we bog ourselves down with in a busy environment.

Video Transcription

Sunshine: Do you start your day thinking about success?  

Crystal: Welcome to The Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

Sunshine: And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.

You know, focusing on success, I think it’s in our entrepreneur nature to always be thinking about this and to try and suppress that head junk of failure. But success principles, are there actually things that we should realistically be doing every day?

Crystal: Yes, there is and form a habit of them. So, let’s take a look and see what they are.

Sunshine: Whoa-whoo.

Crystal: So, some easy but powerful things that you can do everyday that don’t take a lot of time to make sure you are successful everyday. Number one, visualize your day. Number two, do the hard things first, get them out of the way, the rest of your day is gravy. Number three, say no to things. Number four, write down what you’re grateful each night.

Sunshine: What’s your number one takeaway from today’s video? Leave us a comment. And thanks for watching.

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Crystal Shanks

Crystal Shanks, Certified Business Coach and CEO of Run Right Business Consulting, has been coaching business owners and executives around the world to achieve optimum results since 2009. Coach Crystal teaches her clients proven strategies to build thriving businesses and careers. She has worked with thousands of businesses and executives to generate substantial revenues and maximize profits.