Your #1 Client Should Be YOU: Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

Do you know who your #1 client is? Learn some tips in this video to make sure you have good work-life-balance.

So, Crystal, tell me who is our real number one client?

Great question. Often when I ask our clients, who is your number one client? They will tell me that it is a client that pays them very well and that has a lot of repeat business for them. When I hear that, I challenge my client. And I say, “Do you have a mirror? Look in the mirror. That is your real number one client.

Interesting. I didn’t know I was my number one client.

Now you know.

So, what are some things, because I guess we are talking more about work life balance. Give us some tips on how to balance that because it tends to be very different to do that in this busy pace that we live in today.

You are absolutely right. So, we are talking about work life balance today. And when we talk about work life balance, you are your number one client because you have to take care of you, first. Before you can take care of anything or anyone else. Including your business.

Oh, so you mean like being in a plane, it always says, “If the oxygen masks drops down, you are to put your mask on first before helping your neighbor.”

Yes. That’s exactly what I mean.

Okay. So, I get it. It carries over into why you are your number on client. That makes sense.

So, Crystal, can you give us some tips or some ways to make sure that we are our number one client?

Happy to.

So, some ways to make sure you are your real number one client is, number one, when you are setting your goals and plans, make sure you get your personal stuff in there first, into your calendar and your plan.

Oh, so you mean like vacations, I love to get my hair done, and nail appointments. Or could it just be something as simple as, “I’m going to block off five hours a week to read books?”

Absolutely. It is anything that fuels you and rejuvenates you.

Okay. Makes sense. Are there any other ways that we should be thinking about?

Yes. A big one is about, if you have a family, family time. So, something that I see a lot with married business owners and executives, their spouse or partner is always complaining that they never spend any time with them. And it causes a riff in the relationship. So, make sure after you take care of yourself, for self care, that you are actually putting time in for your family. Because it’s easy to get caught up in the day, to day, to day busyness of all of it. And then what happens is your family comes last and they are not to happy about that.

Yeah, that sounds like it would suck.

Yes, it’s not a pretty site.

So, what’s your number one learning from today’s video? Please leave us a comment. And don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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