The Psychology of Winning: 10 Principles of Winners

If you are looking for success every single day try reading the book ‘The Psychology of Winning’ by Denis Waitley. With this book you’ll learn the 10 principals of winning and the psychology behind it.

Video Transcription

Sunshine: Are you focused on winning every day?  

Crystal: Welcome to The Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

Sunshine: And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.

Winning every day, I like it. I always strive to do this. And I’m sure there is an easier way to get rid of the head trash on being able to do this successfully. What are we going to learn today?

Crystal: Well, let me show you.A great easy way to learn how to win everyday is to read the classic book, The Psychology of Winning by Dr. Denis Waitley. He describes that top 10 qualities of winners and how you can become a winner and win everyday. So, read the book. Study it. And execute to become a winner.

Sunshine: Maybe we should do a follow up on this video. You know, because there are a lot of people out there that don’t really want to read.

Crystal: That’s true.

Sunshine: And just do the 10-principles. But that is going to be a lot longer video than one minute.

Crystal: That’s a great idea.

Sunshine: What’s your number one takeaway from today’s video? Leave us a comment. And thanks for watching.

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