The Importance of Team Meetings For Your Business

Team meetings are very important for every business. They can keep your team on the same page with the common goal you are trying to achieve as a whole.

Sunshine: Hey, do you know why group team meetings are so important?

Crystal: Welcome to The Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

Sunshine: And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.

Okay, so, why are group meeting so important? Like group team meetings?

Crystal: Let me explain. Group team meetings are very important because it aligns the team and to make sure they’re moving in the same direction. It also increases morale in the team as a whole. So, when you increase morale, people stay with your company longer. Remember, people stay at companies where they feel good. It’s just not about the work.

Now, let’s talk about what a group team meeting is and how it’s structured. So, you should be having these at least once a month depending on your company, you can have them more than once a month. And you need an agenda. And the agenda could be as follows, you greet everyone, everyone sits down, and then you talk about the vision of the company. What is the destination? What are you all working to create? Then you go around the room and everyone says one or two individual goals that they want to work on. Then you also go around the room another time and you end with, what do they want to share or how are they feeling about everything? Usually, when you ask that question and end with it, it becomes like a love fest for your team. So, they talk about how great of a boss you are or how their colleague helped them out and they’re thanking them. And it really produces that really good feeling in the team in energy as a whole.

Sunshine: Wow. Who knew that individual expression, being able to do that in a group meeting and would create so much morale.

Crystal: It’s pretty powerful. Try it out. Sunshine: What’s your number one takeaway from today’s video? Leave us a comment and thanks for watching.

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