Referral Incentive Programs: Growing Referrals from Clients/Customers

Are you rewarding your clients for sending you referrals? Drum up some business with a reward program. Don’t forget that a client referral is 90% closed so the sale will be easy if you have educated your client properly on your products and or services.

Learn how to create a referral incentive machine.

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Referral incentive machine.


I don’t even want to waste another second. Please tell us how to do that.

Will do. One of the best ways, hands down, to get an endless stream of referrals is to create a referral incentive program for your business.

And simply put it through forwarding people that send you business that actually closes.

So, a couple of examples is you could reward someone with a really nice box of chocolates. You could give them a nice bottle of wine, perhaps. Or maybe you take them to lunch. Or the universal sign of rewarding someone is cold hard cash with a nice handwritten card.

So, the key here is consistency with your referral program. So, you are going to have to track all the referrals that come in and close. And then have a system to send out or give that reward.

Those are great tips, Crystal. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. What are some of the ways you have incentivized your clients or customers that send you referrals? Leave us a comment. And thanks for watching.

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