How to Rank Your Clients/Customers (& What to Do With That Information)

Inside of our businesses we have many different types of clients. Learn how to rank your clients, which ones to let go, and what to do next.

Are 80 percent of your headaches, coming from 20 percent of your clients? Learn how to fix that.  

Welcome to the Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.

So, Crystal, since we’re talking about ranking our clients, how do we do that?

How to rank your clients/customers

Great question. I get that a lot. So, basically what you need to do is get a full client roster in front of you. And go through each client, one by one, and rank them in one of four categories. First category is amazing. Second is good. Third is okay. And fourth is poor.

So, let’s talk about what each of those categories mean in terms of ranking your clients.

Amazing clients

Amazing means, these are your clients who are fanatics. They love working with you. They pay on time. They are super grateful. And they refer you a ton of business.

Good clients

Then you have your good clients. Who maybe aren’t raving fans of yours, fanatics. Maybe they don’t send you quite a bit of new business, referrals. But they pay on time. And they do what they need to do.

Okay clients

Then you have your okay clients. These are where the headaches start coming in. So, these clients maybe complaint every once in a while, maybe they miss a payment or two. But most of them are going through. They don’t refer you anyone.

Poor clients

And then you have your poor clients. These are where 80 percent of your headaches are going to come from. And these clients complain all the time. They don’t do what they are supposed to do to be successful. They don’t pay on time. They ask for discounts all the time. And they talk bad about you.

Does that make sense?

So, Crystal, after we’ve gathered all of this information, what do we then do with it? Like where do we go from here? I’ve ranked all the clients, now what?

What to do with client/customer rankings?

So, let’s talk about next steps. So, now that you’ve ranked all of your clients, what you are going to do is look at the characteristics of each category. And what you want to do with that is you want to start market to the characteristics of the amazing and good clients.

Now, that said, for the okay and poor clients, another step you can take is you can slowly begin to fire them. Let them go, refer them to your competitors, so you can create that space to have more amazing and good clients.

So, what you’re saying is you only want to have amazing and good clients?

Who wouldn’t?

I guess it’s going to be less headaches around here.

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