F.E.A.R. Acronym in Business: Overcoming Your Fears

Fear can be a problem in business. Learn how to over come it and the meaning behind the F.E.A.R. acronym.

Video Transcription

Sunshine: Being in business can be totally scary sometimes.

Crystal: Welcome to The Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

Sunshine: And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.

All right, FEAR. I feel an acronym coming on. Do you feel a couple of acronyms coming on this with this one?

Crystal: I do. I do.

Sunshine: Well, what kind of fears are actually inside of a business? I mean, I get it, you know like on a sales call, you get a little nervous, you get scared, or afraid that you’re not going to make the sale. I know those kinds of general fears. But I’m assuming that you are going to tell us how to overcome that, right?

Crystal: Yes. But before we do that, there are three main fears in business which is time, team, and money. But let’s talk about how to overcome those fears.

Sunshine: Great.

Crystal: So, FEAR is an acronym. It stands for false expectations appearing real or it can stand for face everything and rise. Now, there is one thing that overcomes fear and that is action. Not willy-nilly action, very thought out, planned out action. So, to overcome all your fears, whether in business or personal, you are supposed to identify everything you’re fearful of and just do it.

Sunshine: I guess you better get to it then.

Crystal: That’s the homework.

Sunshine: What’s your number one takeaway from today’s video? Leave us a comment. And thanks for watching.

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