Assuming the Sale: How to Use This Soft Sell Technique to Close

How often do you assume the sale? This is an easy, professional, soft sell technique to close. Learn more in this video.

Video Transcription

Sunshine: How often do you assume the sale?

Crystal: Welcome to For the Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

Sunshine: And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.  

Assuming the sale. I really like this one – it’s very powerful and it’s easy.

Crystal: And effective.

Sunshine: And when you’re assuming the sale, how do you like to do it?

Crystal: Well, I like to do it a couple different ways.

One way is, when you’re starting to assume the close you can ask “Do you want to pay with cash or credit card?”.

Or, if you’re in retail, you can say “Do you want the blue shirt or the red shirt?”.

Sunshine: Seems easy enough. And, when do you know when it’s the right to assume the sale?

Should you be doing this a lot or what are the cues the prospective client are giving that you can just breeze right into that?

Crystal: Basically, after you’ve gone all over your service or product and answered all objectives, that’s when you start the assumption close.

Sunshine: Now I’m assuming they will tell you if they don’t want it.

Crystal: Well, we don’t give them that option.

Sunshine: OK, so can you tell us a little bit more on how to do that?

Crystal: The same thing. Do you want the red shirt or the blue shirt?

Sunshine: What’s your number one takeaway from today’s video? Leave us a comment and thanks for watching.

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