5 Components of a Successful Email Blast (Eblast) or Newsletter

No one needs another email. So make sure your marketing campaign follows these valuable tips for a successful email blast (eblast) or newsletter.

Today we are going to share the successful components of an e-blast.

So, since we’re talking about newsletters or e-blasts, I know I get a lot of them. And I don’t always read them.

Why not?

I don’t know. I’m not looking to buy anything right now. Sometimes it’s, who needs another email.

True. Very true. Well, today, we are going to teach everyone how to put together a successful e-blast, so people open it and they buy from you.


Compelling Subject Line

So, when you are putting your e-blast together, the first thing that you need to do is make sure you have a compelling subject line. Now, most people fall down here, and they put December e-blast. Well, that’s boring. Know one wants to read your December e-blast. Instead the subject line should either be a powerful question, or a powerful statement related to the reader. So, now they are interested, and they opened your e-blast.

Your Business Name & Picture

At the top somewhere, whether it’s in the middle or on the side should be your business name and a picture of your business or team to engage with the reader on a higher level.

Value for the Reader

And then in the middle of the e-blast is the value for the reader.

So, this is supposed to be short and sweet. It’s not supposed to be a novel. So, it could be the top three things you need to know about X. Or it could be a couple of paragraphs of something that is going on in your industry.

Call to Action

And then, we are going to the bottom of the e-blast and that should be your call to action. It should be an offer so that they can contact you, learn more, or buy immediately.


And then after that, the last thing of your e-blast is a powerful testimonial. You can have more than one testimonial, but one or two generally speaking.

And if you follow this formula, your open rate will increase. And you’ll sell more easily.

Crystal, that’s great that there is actually a system for these e-blasts that everybody who has a business should actually be sending.

Yes, absolutely.

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