Critical Non-Essentials: How to Create Raving Fans Out of Your Customers

In this video from Run Right Business Consulting, learn how to create raving fans out of your business customers (and why it’s so important).

Find out how to create raving fans out of your customers.

Welcome to The Love of Business. I’m Crystal.

And I’m Sunshine. Let’s get to it.

Raving fans, huh?

Yup, sounds pretty intense. But in a good way.

Well how do we create those?

Let’s talk about it. Before we talk about how to create raving fans, let’s talk about why they are so important for a business.

Why raving fans are so important to your business

So, when you create raving fans, fanatics for your business, what happens is they become your organic sales force. Who do they talk about? You and your business, with anyone that will listen. They will share your information with their network, with their family, with their friends, with their colleagues. They will even talk to their dog about how great you are.

So, if they are out there selling for you, you are going to get a ton of referrals in the door very, very quickly.

And remember a referral is 90 percent closed when they come through the door. You just have to sell that little extra 10 percent.

Critical non-essentials

A couple of tips that I want to share with you today about how to create raving fans are, number one, is a critical non-essential, or a CNE.

So, you might be asking what the heck is that? Well, a critical non-essential is essentially a gift that’s critical to the relationship that you have with your customers. But it has nothing to do with your actual service or product. And I’ll give you a couple of quick examples so you can fully understand.

So, one of our clients is a product client online gift company. And they put the product in the box, not nicely packaged, but they also put in a one-cent Tootsie Roll. They get clients and customers so excited about that, one-cent Tootsie Roll, they are not even talking about how great the product is anymore.

Another great example of CNE is we have a photographer client who focuses on newborns.

And so she does a great job, the parents come in, they are ready to buy some images. And as she walks them through the door, she gives them this one really nice tiny box with one really nice chocolate in it. And they just rave and rave and rave about that, you know, $1.29 chocolate.

So, critical non-essentials are not supposed to be good gifts or really expensive. They are just supposed to give a lot of value and show that you care for your client.

Another strategy to create raving fans is to give extra value but do not discount. Discounting is the number one business killer across every industry across the world.

A couple of examples how you might show a little value, maybe, you know, you go a little bit above and beyond in your service. For example, give them a little extra time. Not all the time, because that will set expectations. But you know, just a little extra value.

Or one great example that I love is I want to a restaurant the other day and I ordered some lasagna to go. And I noticed these wafer cookies that looked really good. And I said, “Oh, can I have two of those wafer cookies to my order as well.” And he said, “Absolutely. I’m going to go in the back, I’m going to get you the freshest cookies that came out of the oven. And I’m going to throw two more in for free, on the house.” So, that extra value meant a lot to me because I felt well taken care of. But it didn’t cost their business that much.

So, start thinking about what that extra value means to you?

What’s your number one takeaway from today’s video? Leave us a comment. And thanks for watching.

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